My new business card

Inspired by Luis Suarez (and others) I got my new business card:

Ninja Poke Business Card

Ninja Poken Business Card

Got mine at and got great service and a speedy delivery. They also have wide selection – the ninja for example was hard to find elsewhere, and I’m just not a Panda guy (well I’m not exactly a ninja either, but that’s beside the point… 🙂 )


2 responses to “My new business card

  1. Hiya, Mikael! Way cool! Great to be able to see how you have also been using a poken lately! Pokens are cool! I am just back from Enterprise 2.0 in Boston and although not many folks had them, the ones that did have it had a blast, me included. They are just so cool! A whole new concept of business cards!

    Now, this morning, uploaded the pokee new biz cards and ready to engage; versus the traditional ones still stuck in that drawer I hardly ever come back to! 😀

    Hope we can hive 4 at some point with our pokens! A ninja and a panda bear could make quite an interesting mix! 😛

  2. Jörgen Berglund

    Ordered one myself (and one for my wife ,so that she don’t steal mine). Considering my current employer I chose an ”Alien”.


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